We have reopened on the spamnet. Start v1.0.14 of the spammer with the -spamnet option. You will receive 2 iotas per confirmed transaction.

Become a Spammer

Sign Up

In order to identify you as the spam creator and add your rewards to your balance, you have to sign up for an IOTA Spam Fund account.


Visit our Download page and follow the instructions to set up the spammer. When you run the isf-jclient for the very first time, you will be guided through the configuration. Thereafter you can finally start the actual spamming.

Get Paid

If you haven't already, you need to setup a wallet to which you want us to send your spamming reward. There are multiple wallet providers, but not all are considered safe. We recommend the official IOTA wallet.

Once you have earned at least 2 Ki, you can withdraw to your own wallet here.