Legal Notice

Data Protection, Storage and Use

You agree not to sign up with or request account recovery for an email address that is owned by a third person without having their explicit agreement. By signing up you grant us permission to store an association of the following data in our online database:

You further give us permission to send you an email whenever verification of your email address is necessary (when signing up or when requesting account recovery). We will also notify you via email to keep you updated about the state of your withdrawals. When deleting your account, we will delete your email address and password from our database. We will not publish or hand over sensible data (email addresses, ips, passwords) to a third party.

Donations, Rewards, Pay-Outs

You do not have the right to reclaim any donations. When deleting your account you will loose access to your remaining account balance. We will do our best to protect funds. However, since we are running this service on a non-profit basis, we will not be liable for any potential losses. If, for whatever reason, we are forced to or decide to stop operating, we will distribute all ramaining donations to all spammers proportionally to their amount of rewarded transactions. This does not apply for donations where the donator has contacted us and was authentificated prior to donating (the remains of these donations will be sent back to the donator).


We are not responsible for any damage caused by running our transaction spammer.


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