Unfortunately the constant spam is filling up the node databases, therefore we are urged to stop spamming for now. According to the IOTA Foundation the spamnet will receive an upgrade. Use to spam in offline mode (without rewards).

About the IOTA Spam Fund

What is this?

Spamming transactions helps the IOTA network to become faster. The IOTA Spam Fund was created to incentivize spamming on the IOTA protocol by rewarding spammers with a small amount of iotas (donated entirely by our great IOTA community) to cover the operational costs of doing the proof-of-work.

How does it work?

By running our transaction spammer, you create custom spam transactions on a given address (which helps us to identify you as the spammer). For every confirmed spam transaction we will credit you a small reward paid in IOTAs.

Want to learn how to get started and earn your first IOTAs? Go here!

Please also consider donating to spammers to keep this project running. Right now, a single Miota will pay for 200,000 confirmed spam transactions.