Become a Donator

Why should I donate?

Every single iota we pay was originally donated by another person who wants to support the IOTA tangle. This service can only run through donations. Of course you can also just spam yourself to help the network. This service was created to allow people who do not have the resources to spam themselves (bad hardware, high electricity costs, no time etc.) to outsource the spamming to other people.

A single Miota currently is enough to reward 200,000 confirmed spam transactions (with a reward of 5 i/tx). Each Miota could pay for adding 2 ctps (confirmed transactions per second) to the tangle for a whole day, which currently is a lot.

As you see from these numbers, you can have a notable influence on the tangle just by taking part as a donator. Together we can make the tangle stronger and faster, therefore attracting more projects and investors, eventually taking effect on the network quality, market price and innovation level.

How will my donation be distributed?

Donations will be paid out exclusively to spammers over a certain time frame. We will list all rewards here so that you can validate for yourself that all funds will be passed on.

Why have some donations been moved?

Check our FAQ.

How can I donate?

By donating you agree to our legal terms. For small donations, simply send your iotas to the address. Before sending donations of 5 Mi or more, you can contact us and provide us with a return address, so we can refund your donation in case the project will be permanently stopped for whatever reason.

Donations Address: